Is Internet Radio the Future

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Future of Internet radio

It could be a better idea to place your ads on internet radio rather than broadcast. Here’s a bit of background on Internet radio for those history buffs out there. Carl Malamud was the very first person to broadcast his station through the web in 1993. On his show, simply titled Internet Talk Radio, he would interview computer experts about the Internet and the newest technology at the time. A year later, The Rolling Stones would host the first multicast concert through the web–a major milestone in Internet radio! Radio.co dives into more detail about the history of Internet radio if you crave more internet radio history.

Advantages of Internet Radio vs Broadcast Radio
Broadcast radio stations typically have commercial breaks consisting of 5 to 6 ads (maybe more). The audience will often tune out after the first ad, and tune back in during the last ad.  If your ad was sandwiched between these two bookends, there’s a good chance you lost a significant amount of ears. Internet radio stations like Pandora and Spotify only stream one or two ads at a time, and the user is unlikely to tune to a different station during that one ad.  This is great because not only is the consumer waiting less to get their music back, the spotlight is on your ad alone! The listener will remember your ad better than the consumer who listened to all six ads on their favorite broadcast station. Unlike broadcast stations, Internet radio is worldwide.  This gives many brands the opportunity to expand their audience to people outside the US. Internet radio is the way of the future, and it’s time you use it to your advantage.

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