Renee Country Footprints

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Country Footprints

Renee Van Niekerk

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Country Footprints was an idea born when many country fans sent numerous requests for country songs. The pure country they asked….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… I started to gather some of my personal favorites and one by one.. between AndrΓ¨ Hartman (my producer) and myself.. we brought each one alive… I sang from my soul and AndrΓ¨ did the rest. My daughter Shelley Gilman did all the artwork for the cover, photoshoots, the website and of course the promo video. Country Footprints allows me, through music, to share a part of my soul with ANYONE who loves Country music…. via this album, I share a part of ME with YOU…enjoy…



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